Youtube bypass country block

When you see that message by Youtube that tells you video is not available in your country, you will be pissed.  I was pissed when I couldn’t watch an Anime movie I really wanted to watch badly.  Here are some ways you can bypass that Youtube Country block.

bypass youtube country block


The idcloak YouTube unblocker list offers a bypass for any form of block on YouTube, be it the site as a whole or individual pages. Public proxies will help you circumvent local content filters if YouTube’s pages are blocked on your network or in your country. You may also use these proxies to bypass georestrictions when a specific YouTube video is unavailable in your region. Choose a proxy that suits your needs and insert its IP address and port number into your browser (see below for guidance). The selected proxies are HTTPS only so as to prevent censors from observing unblocking activity. You may sort under different parameters using the self-explanatory controls below.

The trick of replacing the YouTube video URL from[video-ID]to[video-ID] no longer works.

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