‘Xbox Series S retains 362GB of free storage for install games’

A Canadian user on Reddit who claims to have received the Xbox Series S console prematurely says there is 364GB of storage available for users to install games. The remainder of the 512GB ssd in the Series S is reserved for the system.

The Montreal user posted photos as proof that the console has arrived at his place. He says that 364GB is free on the console, of which 362.1GB is available for apps and games. Further he said that the loading times in The Witcher 3 and Halo 5 are “extremely fast” and that the games run very smoothly, without giving further details. The user also says that the console is very quiet and that switching from one game to another takes five seconds, thanks to the Quick Resume feature.

This Canadian is not the only one who has received one of Microsoft’s next gene consoles prematurely. A Portuguese-based English user shows on Reddit that he has the Xbox Series X in the meantime. It does give relatively few details, but reports that the console indicates that 800GB is available on 802GB of free disk space. The Xbox Series X features a 1TB ssd. It was already known that about twenty percent is seized by the operating system. Furthermore, he indicates that Dolby Vision works smoothly, but that he doesn’t have uhd-blu-rays, so he can’t test whether this HDR standard is also supported in combination with the 4k discs.

Incidentally, this user had ordered his Series X console from Microsoft’s Portuguese division on the day the pre-orders went live, and the Canadian had ordered his Series S from the Canadian consumer electronics store The Source. Some other users report that they haven’t received their console yet, but have already received information about an upcoming delivery.