Windows 8 for Android





Windows Phone 8 style launcher – from the maker of Launcher 7.

This launcher will make your phone look like Winphone 8.

Current features

– Fly animations like real phone, slightly evolved from L7 fly animation
– Application list also contains fly animation
– Completely redesigned how tiles are defined
– Contains animated tiles: flipping contacts tile, single contact tile, sms counter, calendar
– Phone counter is included, but does not have any animations
– Application list icons can be customized
– Three pages for widgets

Android 4.x highly recommended. 2.x works, but unfortunately it is getting painfully slow.

When you start L8 for the very first time, it will load icon package from the Google’s servers. By default it will not load the package if you are not connected to Wi-Fi network. Enable mobile-button will then allow you to download the package using cellular network. The size of the package is currently about 5 megabytes.

Click restart L8-button after icon package is downloaded and L8 will then start.

Setting tile images is different from L7, now you define a draw able for each tile. Draw able then defines what will be drawn on the tile (icon, picture, calendar,…). Multiple tiles can share same draw able. Also drawables can contain drawables, but currently only single contact tile allows you to nest drawables.

Contains advertisements, you can remove them from the in-app store.

What’s New

– Backup/Restore has finally arrived

– Incorrect font size in MDPI fixed

– Setting fly animation to zero disables the animation completely


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