Windows 10 comes with a real start menu FINALLY

Microsoft finally came to their senses and brought back a real start menu and it looks even nicer than previous Windows start menus.  I like how they added some of those apps from the start screen onto the right side of the start menu.  When I first installed the technical preview of Windows 10, I was worried that once I click that start button, I would be taken to a start screen, but luckily a start menu popped up. Microsoft Windows is the number 1 product Microsoft has ever made.  I think Office comes next, and when Windows 8 arrived. It was full of annoyances.  The biggest annoyance was the lack of start button which made people wonder why Microsoft would destroy such an amazing product with such annoying features. Windows 10 start menu In Windows 8 and 8.1, I got the impression that Microsoft was being copy cat of Apple when I noticed stuff like Airplane mode, opening pictures etc makes the default apps load as if it they were loading an app on a smartphone (they purposely delayed loading certain apps like PDF, pictures, music etc) to give the user a feeling that they are opening an app just like on a smartphone.