Windows 10: All You Need To Know!

Microsoft announced the newest upgrade of their operating system a few days ago, and in a shocking turn of events, have skipped Windows 9, and have gone straight to Windows 10. The new version of Windows has plenty of features that you may be excited about. Firstly, of course, the start menu has returned to Windows! That’s right, people, like me, have wanted the start menu back for a while now and we got our wish! The Windows 10 start menu looks like a mix between Windows 7 and 8.


Another fantastic feature that has been confirmed is that, after Windows 10 is released, we will no longer have to pay for Windows updates – at all! “Microsoft will have no choice but to give consumers free Windows upgrades once it launches Windows 10 and kicks off its fast-fast-fast tempo” an analyst stated. It is unknown whether Windows 10 will be free for Windows 8.1 users, it would be nice if this is the case, but the new Windows has a ton of new features and is a huge update, I doubt we will have Windows 10 for free, but who knows?

A brilliant new feature for Windows 10, is a new home for explorer. The home page will contain all the most visited folders and applications and a favorites tab where you can personally add folder and application shortcuts to.


The command prompt has also received an upgrade and a few good features have been added. Developers and IT professionals will be glad of the command prompt’s enhancement. You can do a lot with that simple text box and a few of the long awaited features are here, including support for standard text selection, cut, copy and paste operations, and keyboard shortcuts. If you really want to go advanced, you can also select the properties box and click ‘Experimental Tab’. This will give you access to greater features.


Will you be upgrading to Windows 10 when it is released? Are you excited for the features? You’ll just have to wait…

Alex The Wonder Spud

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