Why you should get the LG G3

In the past we all remember the LG made smartphones that were behind in quality and performance compared to Apple and Samsung phones, but things have now changed.  The LG G3 in my opinion is better than the S5, HTC One M8 and the iPhone 5.

So if you are deciding which smartphone to buy, I would go for the G3 because the LG G3 is thin for a phone in its category.  The smart phone also boasts of a high 534 ppi pixel density.  It is also scratch proof and appears to be made of expensive plastic.  It is ready for heavy usage and is literally scratch proof.  Phones that resist scratches can sell for more when you decide to upgrade and and sell it.  Here are some unique features that set the LG G3 apart.

 Now, with a larger, clearer display, a laser-precise camera and superior smart interactivity, we can confidently call the G3 the best smartphone that LG has ever made.

5.5″ Quad HD Display

The 5.5″ Quad HD IPS display provides four times the pixels of HD (2560 x 1440) with a superior pixel density of 538 ppi. See sharp, detailed imagery on-screen with an advanced pixel structure that provides a near infinite contrast of deep blacks and bright whites as well as more accurate color reproduction.  HD vs QHD LG G3

Laser Auto Focus

The LG G3’s Laser Auto Focus measures the distance to the subject using laser technology. Laser Auto Focus allows for improved focusing speed and object detection in low-light situations.  LG G3 blue shake

Knock Code

Tap a secure 3 to 8 point code based on a 4 quadrant pattern. You can tap the pattern anywhere on the screen relative to size and position and the phone will unlock. Your phone is secured with 86,358 different code possibilities. LG G3 knock