Why is Flappybird so addictive

The game is addictive because it is simple to play yet it is punishingly hard.  All you do is touch to flap wings but you gotta time flaps right in order to avoid obstacles.  Flap too much and you go too high, flap too less and you drop.  You gotta time it right to keep the bird up and avoid obstacles.  That is why the game is so much fun and addicting. People just can’t stop going back to the game or playing it throughout school day or work day.

why flappy bird is addicting
People are so obsessed with Flappy Bird they are breaking their phones with anger at losing. Just watch this video.

The game brings in $50,000 a day to it’s developers.  It took me about 20 tries to get through the first tunnel.  It took me another 10 tries to get through the second tunnel.  I barely got into the third tunnel.


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Some people wonder how Flappy Bird rose to the top Apple charts without any marketing and the answer is simple. It is social that drove it.  Friends told their friends who told their friends and so on.  It is a chain reaction similar to how a video on Youtube can go viral and have 1 million views on the first or 2nd day of posting the video.  Online websites also further get the word out.  When a news site finds out a game is going popular, an article will be published and other news agencies will also notice and will also start publishing until all major news sites have published it and everyone has heard about it.

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