Whats new in Office 2013

New features of Office 2013.  Microsoft Office 2013 has pretty new features that someone would like to have.

New features of Office 2013

  • Word Read Mode: Word can become an e-reader. “Read mode” removes the tool bars and lets you swipe your way through a document.
  • Word is now video friendly. You can search for videos on the Web and YouTube and add them to your documents without leaving Word. Word can also play the embedded videos.
  • Word now does really good job converting PDFs into Word format. You can open a PDF in Word or insert one (or part of one) into your document.
  • Excel has made it easier to create charts and work with common formulas on spreadsheets.
  • From PowerPoint, you can find and add photos from your albums onFacebook, Flickr, and other online services without having to first save them to your PC.
  • PowerPoint now has a bunch of nifty new features for you like “Presenter’s view” makes it easier to work with two screens. “Slide Zoom” let’s you zoom in on a portion of your slide.
  • The best feature in OneNote is still awesome: It syncs an audio or video to your typed or scribbled notes. If you record, say, a lecture, you can hear what your professor was saying when you wrote down a particular sentence.
  • Outlook 2013 now easily integrates with OneNote.
  • This is the best in the basket out there. Powerpoint slides imported to OneNote and we can write notes on the slides to help us later.(Personally I loved it)

  • Integration with the cloud but in that case you can just use SkyDrive and nothing else.If you want to use any other cloud space provider, you can manually upload the file. Learn more from “http://www.lynda.com/home/Player…
  • New charts and custom shapes for powerpoint slides in office 2013.
  • New templates to be used in Word 2013.

All in all its really cool features embedded and integrated with previous word features which give it an upper hand when we are choosing among options we have