What to do when you forget your Skydrive password

skydrive forgot password reset

There’s no way to get that password off without hard resetting or else it would defeat the purpose of a user set password. Would be kinda silly if anyone could access a phone without the lock password. Only thing you can do now is be a little more careful, anytime I change passwords I update a OneNote file I have with all my passwords and it syncs to SkyDrive.

Also one of the nicest features of a windows phone is SkyDrive, you didn’t have the auto upload feature turned on? That is a hands down must. You will never lose a photo or video again. That’s what the feature is meant to do. There are beautiful apps that tell you every feature the phone provides which I always recommend reading. Even myself as a veteran have learned new things and even more I have learned what makes windows phones the best.

Unless you figure out the password you set, your photos are gone. Please consider the auto upload feature as it only takes a screen tap.