What Is PRISMA And All This ‘Madness’ About?

Prisma, this is a new app that has become an obsession to most of the iOS users. It has quickly become a rage because of its hand sketch-like effects.

It transforms the photos into artworks using the styles of famous artists such as Picasso, Levitan, Van Gogh, as well as world famous patterns and ornaments. Users can use them on social networks too.

Let’s Talk ‘PRISMA’ 

Prisma for android, Prisma for ios

The app co-founder has said to The Next Web that there are several features in the pipeline such as 360-degree Prisma images, Prisma Video feature, and a list of different styles to transform the real-life images into digital arts.

It is a unique combination of artificial intelligence and neural networks that convert the memorable moments into priceless arts. The sheer variety of artistic designs and interpretations that can be applied to the photos is mind-numbering. And they are so simple to apply.

The degree to which one can transform photos is miraculous and one’s desire to experiment with every photo type in the phone’s gallery such as new selfies, old black and white pictures of the family, vacation pictures etc. and this equates to endless obsessive preoccupation.

This app fails in misleading people like other apps which show you innumerable filters but there would be only 3-4 actually available and you are supposed to purchase the rest. But Prisma has a ton of filters and they are all free. It is highly recommended for anyone who likes creative photos.

By offering a variety of art filters to apply on the existing photos, each one makes the user recollect some shape or form if he/ she have enjoyed art history. By providing an option to increase and decrease filter intensity resembling the expected result from a professional artist who uses the photo as a reference, while adding magical touches that make the artwork unique.

This photo-editing app aims to compete with the other photo-editing apps in the market such as the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, photo Editor Pro, Instagram etc.

This app is available in Google Playstore in Beta version. Interested users would simply need to sign up for the newsletter, an option can be found at the bottom of the company’s home page. The users are supposed to submit their email IDs and names. Once the signup procedure is done, the users will get invited to use this wonderful Prisma app.

The technology behind the app is basically an algorithm that uses neural networks to take the style from the present image and replaces the style of another photo with it but still the content is preserved. The other picture can be any good looking picture such as a famous painting, and any photograph. So the final output of the editing will have the content of the original photograph and the artistic style of the painting.

So this is all about the Prisma app, which has been entertaining the iOS users. It will be definitely available for the Android Users as well, soon.

Christopher Benitez