Ways you can develop your kids Curiosity

Children are curious by nature.  The key here is to consider the barriers which would keep them from exploring.  Make sure you put them in an stimulating environment.

kids curiousity activities

Here are some ways to help your kids develop their curiosities:

  1.  You can help them discover the answers or allow them to discover the answers.
  2. Curbing/limiting TV and video game time.  This depends on how dependent they are and how much they are watching cartoons versus educational (history, science, etc..) programming.
  3. Invest in after school and summer programs.  Our local museum hosts amazing week long camps.  My guess is this is true across the country in medium and big cities.
  4. Discover things together.  Library, hiking, cooking, etc…
  5. Remember to help them develop their curiosity about people–in addition to  their curiosity about the world.
  6. Allow them to help plan events.  Gives them an investment in the experience.
  7. Help amplify what they are already doing.
  8. Consider partnering with their friends parents (as an effort to increase the breadth of your kid’s experiences).
  9. Consider giving them learning games/educational apps.
  10. Help them to make meaning & create projects around their passions.  Hang those in their room–assuming they want to.
  11. Model curiosity and discovery