Ways to bypass Wifi login portals

You may see an open signal of a Wifi point, be it a Hotel signal or any other signal.  While most open signals let you connect after you click “I Agree”, some Wifi signals are locked even though you can get in, you will still be prompted for some kind of authentication.  Here is Where TOR comes in.  TOR wasn’t designed for bypassing captive portals but it was rather designed to keep people anonymous online.

Tor browser bypass wifi


Tor can get by quite a few captive portals and it all varies on the type of captive portal you are connecting to.   The legality of you bypassing a captive portal is a different topic.  I think it may be illegal to bypass a captive portal and connect to a Wifi network but I am no lawyer.  Tor can also give you free Comcasts internet by bypassing the Comcast captive portal after your service is suspended.  In other words, Tor gives you extra free months of internet before Comcast totally pulls the plug on you.

Speaking of Comcast internet for free, did you know that the Xfinity wifi signals that are open allow you to register for free to get 1 hour of free internet?  Wish CenturyLink did this for people.  Comcast even has a plan for people who don’t make a lot of money and who have kids that get food assistance at school.  It is called the $10 plan and there is a website you can apply for that plan.  It is called Internet Essentials and it is for low income families.  http://www.internetessentials.com/

Another way you can try and bypass Wifi captive portals is to use ?.jpg at the end of the url you want to go to.  For example www.google.com/?.jpg   This has been proven to work on some Wifi networks like Airport Wifi.  I just hate it when a place like an Airport wants to charge $7 for 15 minutes of Wifi usage to customers that already paid for expensive plane tickets.