US hacker who broke into Nintendo gets three years in prison

The 21-year-old American Ryan S. Hernandez has been sentenced to three years in prison. In 2016, as a minor, he broke into Nintendo’s systems, where, among other things, he took advantage of information about the then unreleased Switch.

Hernandez gets the punishment for both hacking the Nintendo systems and possessing child pornography. That was found on his computer when the FBI raided his home in 2019. At the beginning of this year, Hernandez pleaded guilty. With the sentence imposed, the judge follows the prosecutors’ demand. Hernandez has also agreed to pay damages of $259,323 to Nintendo.

The convicted American, who used the nickname RyanRocks online, obtained login credentials from a Nintendo employee via phishing in 2016. This gave him access to systems that included information about the Nintendo Switch. He then leaked this information

Aftailed with an investigation into the hack, the FBI contacted Hernandez and his parents in 2017. The American then promised to stop his activities and said he understood the consequences if he continued with this

According to the ruling, Hernandez went wrong again in 2018 and 2019, hacking into several Nintendo servers and obtaining information about games, consoles and development tools. On Twitter and Discord he bragged about this and again had the information leaked.

Inook, Hernandez ran a forum called Ryan’s Underground Hangout, where he discussed Nintendo products and shared information about possible vulnerabilities in Nintendo’s computer systems.