Ultrabooks with best battery life

Here are Ultrabook laptops that will get you great battery life.  If you want to increase battery life on any Ultrabook you end up buying or already have.  You should do the following.

  • Uninstall unnecessary apps
  • Keep Your screen half way to full brightness. A bright screen will eat up more battery life.
  • Take care of your battery.  I have read from many sources that on the first charge, completely charging to full and then depleting all the way to dead will actually harm your battery.  Newer battery technology doesn’t require this kind of thing to be done on first charge of your laptops.
  • If you are serious about battery life, then get a battery that has more cells which is going to last longer than your current battery.


ASUS S400CA-DB51T 14-Inch Touchscreen Laptop

asus ultrabook battery life


This one is an ideal Ultrabook, battery life is good and there is very little heat at base when you have it on your lap.  There is nearly 0 fan noise.  This would be an idea ultrabook.


Lenovo – IdeaPad Ultrabook 14″ Touch-Screen Laptop – 4GB Memory – 500GB Hard Drive – Gray

  • Model: U430 TOUCH – 59371574

lenovo ideapad review battery life ultrabook

After the charging one time fully, the battery lasts for hours without any worry on this laptop.

The i5 is a Haswell class chip, meaning it is far more power efficient than the earlier Ivy Bridge i5s.  May very well be why the battery life looks pretty good. The i5 is a clear step-up from i3 class chips, and for the mobile chips the i7 doesn’t buy that much more performance (though it commands a price premium).