Twitter Circle is coming to more users: this is what you can do with it

Twitter started testing Circle at the beginning of May and that is a success. It has announced that it will roll out the feature to a larger group. Twitter Circle is a new feature that is available to ‘normal’ Twitter users: you do not necessarily have to have Twitter Blue for it, the subscription form that we still do not have in the Netherlands.

Well, Circle is obviously available in the Netherlands, because one tweet after another appears about this feature. The idea of Circle is that you create a group of up to 150 people that you can send tweets to, rather than them appearing publicly on your timeline.

The most interesting thing is that you can’t choose from just followers. So you can suddenly make sure that you pass by in Elon Musk’s timeline, by just adding him to your Circle. Whether he also sees it is a second, but technically this is possible.

While many people seem to have access to it, not everyone would be able to use Circle just yet. Twitter is still testing how people like it. In any case, we already have it. You’ll find it if you want to compose a Tweet next to your profile picture.

It defaults to ‘Everyone’, but if you click on it you will see that you can also choose ‘Community’ or Circle. Logically, your Circle is empty the first time you see this, because you have to make sure you fill it yourself.


Don’t have a Circle yet? Then make sure you update your Twitter app. If you do have it, you can start putting together your Circle. You can only create one Circle, so it doesn’t work like, say, Google Plus from the past that allowed you to create all kinds of different groups.

So you can choose whether you add people you follow, you follow or complete strangers to your Circle and you can change them at any time. When you tweet to your Circle, its members will only see your tweet because they are part of your Circle.

Your tweets to a Circle can’t be retweeted, but of course you have to be careful with that. A screenshot is quickly made, add an @ to you and your message will still go out into the wide world. Keep it cozy, but that obviously applies to all of Twitter.