Top 5 Joomla themes for that perfect web presence in 2014

After having won many awards in a row, Joomla is truly been considered as the future of web development. In addition to serving as a feature-rich Content Management System, Joomla has become a powerful tool for building web applications, full-fledged websites, blogs and shopping stores. Easy-to-understand architecture of Joomla makes it a preferable choice among developers who’re new to the field of web development. Today, through this article, I’ll be focusing on five best Joomla themes that have been helping people build strong online presence and will continue to do so in the coming year 2014 as well.

Joomla Theme No.1- Music
This is a free Joomla theme from GavickPro. If you need to create a website that scores 100/ 100 on a scale of visual effects then you must choose this template. This Joomla theme is specially designed for the people hailing from the music industry. Whether you are a beginner in the field of music or an established musician, choosing this Joomla theme for your site can aid you in gathering the attention of music lovers residing in different corners of the universe.

 Joomla Theme No.2- CMS Blue
This is a simple responsive Joomla theme that’s quipped with the basic in-built website elements. However, you can always uncover the creative side of your personality by modifying the theme’s color, layout etc. to suit your specific preferences. CMS Blue comes in a variety of colors and styles out of which the popular ones include CMS Water, CMS Grey and CMS White.

Joomla Theme No.3- OneWeb
Joomla developers believe this theme to be a “template starter”. In other words, this Joomla theme is the one that’s used for improvising template designs that already exist for undertaking custom Joomla development. The well-known features of this theme include:

Bloat-free CSS

Mobile-friendly nature

Built-in HTML5 elements ensure search-engine friendliness of websites created using OneWeb

100% awesome markup framework

Joomla Theme No.4- Leo Restro
This is a tailor-made Joomla template designed for websites targeting mobile users. This responsive Joomla theme is competent in adapting to the resolution size of almost any smart phone ranging from Android and iPhones to BlackBerry mobile devices. Leo Restro is a perfect theme for portfolio websites and blog sites.

Joomla Theme No.5- Puresite
Puresite is yet another Responsive Joomla template with amazing features for providing that perfect look to your website. As an extremely versatile Joomla template, Puresite looks great on almost every internet-enabled device. It supports Mega-menu feature that’s a basic necessity of every complex business website. Puresite is available in three colors including Red, Blue and Green. In addition to this, you get 12 bonus pages with every Puresite Joomla template, allowing you to exaggerate the online visibility of your business.


So, these were the Responsive Joomla templates which definitely have a brighter future ahead. Installing the most suitable Joomla template to your website will allow you to serve your site to a variety of devices including mobile phones, tablets, netbooks etc. You need not worry about the flawless functioning of your website on these devices because the chosen Joomla template will take care of everything.

Nick Carter

Nick is a veteran technocrat of web technologies for hire Joomla developer. Nick is now providing advices to all kinds of for-profit and non-profit organizations in availing Custom joomla development services for establishing in enticing online images.