Top 3 Free To Play PC Games

Hey guys! Back here with another blog post. Now lot’s of people love games, well, of course they do, what’s not to love? But how many people would actually get out their credit cards to purchase a game for themselves or for their children? There are many people infact that will purchase games, but however the amount of people that search and scan the web for free to play games is crazy! But if you’re going to download a free to play game. Why not download one that’s actually worth it? Here is some of my top free to play video games on the PC.

3. Battlefield Heroes: Battlefield Heroes, or BFH for short, is a fast-paced free to play shooter from EA. Admittedly, there is quite a bit of in-game purchasing, but you earn a free item every day, which makes it completely fair. Also, servers are cleverly set up so that only players of a certain level area or skill can join, making it completely noob or pro free.


Also, your character is completely customisable. Get in-game cash by killing opponents and winning battles and then purchase clothes, gadgets, items and even silly emotions (or “emotes”) to insult the opposit team, or players you have killed. You also get to pick your side. It’s Royals VS Nationals, and when you get in-game you are automatically an important part of the battle. There’s lots of ingame chat – but no voice chat sadly – which makes teamwork compulsory. It’s completely free to play and it really is fun! And it’s not all fighting, their are even “unranked” servers, servers of which you cannot kill people and just have fun. Gadgets and items are unlimited in unranked servers so there’s no wasting your precious ammo or cool gadgets. You can just mess around in vehicles and attempt glitches, maybe even show off your emotes or gadgets to other players. There are also plenty of vehicles. Tanks, helicopters, jeeps and planes are all awesome features to the game. The game has brilliant graphic and is really not laggy at all. I’ve been playing this game for a while, and I used to own a terrible TOSHIBA laptop. Even that ran BFH smoothly. So give it a try – but beware parents, this game is a 16.

2. APB: Reloaded: This game is brillaint for perhaps people that don’t have Grand Theft Auto, or maybe even fans of GTA itself. APB: Reloaded is basically a PC GTA, but, of course, because it is on this list, it’s free!

APB Reloaded

Again, yes, this game does have in-game purchases, but there’s no getting away from that in these free to play games. These companies have to make money from somewhere, right? In APB, you can make your own customsiable character and once you’re in, you can do anything you like! There are plenty of missions to attempt, but when you get into a server, it’s exteremely hard not to just go around having fun, killing people, running over them, doing epic jumps in your car around the map. You can even get into teams and assasinate people to get bounty. This game is not reccomended for anybody that perhaps does not have a good computer or just has a laptop (not including gaming laptops). You can even get into clans and buy guns, explosives, spray paints, clothes and lots more. It’s very easy to rank up but it’s very hard to come off after you’ve clicked the play button! Again, this game is not for the faint hearted and you have to be 16 in order to make an account.

1. HAWKEN: HAWKEN (With a backwards ‘K’) is an awesome game that’s actually currently in beta mode right now. But don’t let that put you off, there’s no signing up for beta testing, you can just go straight in to this awesome free to play game!


In this game, you make your own awesome mechanical robot (or “mech” for short). Then basically, you go around awesome maps battling it out in loads of different gamemodes. Free For All, Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag are just a few of them. You can even customise your robot with paints and sprays and stickers. There’s plenty of explosives and weaponry choice. You can even purchase with in-game HAWKEN points new “mech-suits”. There’s lots of different abilities, and if you’re one of those people that goes in for the kill and dies, well, problem solved! In this game, you get your own little mini-robot healer, who heals you whenever you want. It’s awesome! If you play the game yourself, you’ll understand why I put this game in first!

So I hope you check out these games, and I also hope you check out my youtube channel, The Wonder Spud, click here to check it out! Thanks for reading! Stay tech-y!



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