Top 10 Android Apps You Should Have Tried In 2013

10 android apps you should have tried in Christmas

Android is one of the most popular operating systems today, and millions of mobile phone’s owners use it for their devices. It’s not surprising, that thousands of applications, both free and paid, have been developed for Android users in particular. Yes men, we could write hundreds of essays about how cool and useful every Android app is, but it’s much better to call top 10 of them for you to choose the one that fits your device most.

2013 is almost over, and that is why it is high time to summarize everything. What good has happened to all of us this year? What conclusions can we make out of 2013? Have we become better? Have our mobile devices become better? How much has Android changed in 2013?

Google has published the list of the best Android apps recently. And the top 10 of them look like this (please, note, that 9 out of 10 apps are free of charge for all users):

Top 10 Android Applications You Should Have Checked This Year

1. Evernote (Evernote). This is a free cloud-based application that helps you keep the information you need to remember for all the devices used. It will be enough to note this information once, and it wil lbe automatically shared among all devices you use (including your PC and even iPad).

2. Pinterest (Pinterest, Inc). This is a social online service that allows users to add images online, place them to thematic collections and share them with other users. The application is free of charge, so, you are welcome!

3. Grimm’s Snow White (StoryToys). A good collection of stories full of game, which serves as an excellent introduction to the world of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales. Both you and your kid (if you have one of course) will be happy to spend time with this exciting and bright app. It’s paid, not very expensive though.

4. Pocket (Read It Later). This application allows you to save any articles (pictures, video) for offline reading, processing them in a more readable form. The application is free.

5. Expedia Hotels & Flights (Expedia). This well-designed application had been developed for the tourist business. It allows you to search for hotels, air transport and to book your place. The application is free.

6. Ancestry ( This unique and fully functional application lets you build a family tree and make notes about important events in your family’s life. The application is free as well.

7. Fancy (Thingd). The application allows you to find interesting things to buy them and share opinions about them. No money you have to spend if you wanna get this app for your Android.

8. SeriesGuide Show Manager (Uwe Trottmann). The program allows you to manage your favorite movies and TV series, as well as episodes of TV series, and share them with friends. The application is free too.

9. Pixlr Express (Autodesk Inc). A photo editor application, which allows to edit photos using a wide range of options. The application is free.

10. TED (TED Conferences). The application that contains a list of gurus’ talks and lectures from different spheres. The application is free.

So, try one of these 10 Android applications at least. Be sure, it will be both useful and interesting for you! And we hope that 2014 will bring us even more useful and entertaining applications for our favourite devices.

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