TikTok shows way to stop part of other user’s video in own video

TikTok showed the Stitch feature. This allows users to put part of another user’s video in their own video. This makes it possible, for example, to invent your own ending to a video.

Users will find the Stitch option in the app starting Friday, which sits next to the Duet option, which allows users to play another user’s video next to their own video. If you press Stitch, you will have the option to select part of another user’s video to put in their own video (see press release).

After selecting part of the video, users can get started with it, for example, to put a different ending behind it. The feature will co-exist alongside Duet. It is not a requirement to make a video available for Stitch; users can also choose to turn off the feature, preventing their video from being used for the feature.

Many social media have the ability to do something with someone else’s posts. The feature is reminiscent of Twitter’s Quote Tweets, where users can comment on the tweet from someone else.