Three Weird Ways to Use Your Old Smartphone

With regular upgrades a fact of life, many people have a glut of old smartphones. Many choose to pass these on to friends and relatives in need of a spare, or sell or recycle them on, but if you keep hold of yours, there are some interesting ways to put them to use.

A Full Media Centre

With a bit of extra software – the Kodi app is highly recommended by many, and has different extensions you can add that lets it stream from any of the different sources you could imagine, from iPlayer to Spotify – you can turn your old mobile phone into a media centre that can stream to any device on your network.

You can stream broadcast television, and online services like Youtube and any media have you have saved to a hard drive. An old mobile phone well used can be a complete solution for all your media needs.

Not only that, but with another app you can your old mobile into a universal remote control for all your devices. Your phone comes with an infrared blaster: they’re able to send infrared signals just like a remote control. Take a look at your available devices and make sure you choose the right app and you could be turning on your TV with your phone and then streaming through anything you want to watch through it using the same phone.


If you travel a lot if might make sense to have a separate phone for your travels, rather than risking your primary handset in situations where it could get easily lost stolen or broken.

Getting your old handset opened up for the GSM network is relatively simple: just talk to your provider. You can then look around for a SIM that fits your needs, or even buy a new one for the country you are travelling to.

If you find yourself short on airtime, you can have overseas top up sent from friends or relatives back home.


Whether you’re a musician, comedian or budding podcaster, carrying an old handset with some recording software installed can only be useful.

An old phone with soundcloud installed can make a decent recording if you are trying to podcast on the go, or trying to record an event or concert for later reference, whether that’s one you’re watching or performing at.