Thinking of buying a site on Flippa? Here are tips to avoid being ripped off

Some people I know got scammed on so I decided to write this article to teach people ways they can avoid being scammed on Flippa.  There are lots of bad people on Flippa that will make a site look like it is really making money when it is not.  They can use fake traffic and do other tricky stuff.  Here is a list of things you should look for before you buy so you don’t risk being scammed.

Flippa scams avoid rip off

1.  Sites that run on Cloudflare or especially Incapsula block bots so those kinds of sites are less likely to be getting false traffic from bots or other traffic generation method.  You are looking to buy a site that gets real visitors.  You can do a whois lookup via to see if nameservers are Incapsula or

2.  Sites that are getting real visitors will often have content shared by people on forums and other places so you can look at backlinks.

You can do a custom Google search query to see sites that are linking back to the site you intend to bid on or buy.  Here is an example query of  which is a popular and growing Tech blog since 2008.…2864.5084.0.5380.….0…1c.1.53.serp..15.1.225.WYDPl6FTy9o

3.  You can use and other tools like that will give you traffic stats.

4.  If a person is claiming Adsense revenue, ask that person to add you in their Adsense panel as a user so you can see earnings stats and more.  You should also ask that person to give you access to their Analytics panel and Google also allows a person to add another user to Analytics.   Often times the scammers don’t report Adsense income but instead report Paypal sales earnings and those I avoid myself I will buy a site.  I know there are lots of legitimate sellers out there with real sales earnings through Paypal but scammers still mention Paypal instead of Adsense earnings.

I have seen some Flippa auctions where Adsense proof showed huge spikes in earnings throughout the month and that kind of thing is suspicious to me.  One that was clearly odd big time was a sites AdSense proof that showed $80 and $60 plus earnings 3 different times in one month, and yet the average earnings was $15 a day.  This hinted to me that some kind of traffic is either being sent there or bots are AdSense clicking to increase earnings.

If you do get Analytics access, make sure that most visitors are from either Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, UK which are the prospering countries because higher earnings are linked with visitors coming from these countries.

5.  Look at the web archive to see when the site Officially came online and how it looked through out the years or months it was online.  Make sure what the seller tells you matches up with what you see in stats and web archive.*/

If you go to and type the url of the website your about to buy, see if it has Certified Metrics because Alexa will show certified traffic data if a webmaster pays the $9.99 monthly Alexa fee and also installs the tracking script on their site.  I do not trust Alexa unless it is Certified Metrics.  The lower the Alexa number the higher the traffic a website gets.

That is all for now, I hope that benefited you.