The Witcher 3 appears for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC with raytracing

CD Projekt Red is working on a version of The Witcher 3 with polished graphics and shorter load times. The studio brings The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with improved playback to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC. The game gets support for raytracing.

CD Projekt Red prepares The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition for the new consoles, and in addition to the basic game, the two Expansions Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine will also come to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. In addition to raytracing support, the studio promises that the game will get more visual and technical improvements including shorter charging times on the consoles and PC.

The game will be available as a stand-alone game, but anyone who already has The Witcher 3 on PC, Xbox One or PlayStation 4 can receive it as a free update. Cd Projekt Red has not yet announced more details. For example, it is unknown on what date the game will appear.

CD Projekt Red announced its results for the first half of 2020 last week. The Witcher 3 was still the main source of sales. That’s partly because the game appeared for the Nintendo Switch last year. The Polish gaming company achieved a turnover of 81.8 million euros, almost 70 percent more than in the previous year.