The Sims 4 Review


Hello everybody, my name is Jammy and today I will be reviewing the newest edition to the EA family, The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 is a computer based game that allows you to live your life without ever leaving your house. Just like all the other Sims games you can have a family, get a job and basically do whatever you like.

When creating your Sim, alot of the features have gone and when I say gone, I mean they got fired and left. You can no longer “create-a-style” you have use pre-made crap and the same comes for you hair. The funny bit about creating a sim is that you ain’t suck to the set size. You can now make you sims different, you can give them a bigger bum with a skinny waist and I haven’t even dared do that to the boobs yet.

After you make you sims (or sims, if you making a family) you go to the buy a lot, where you get your house. The Lot is now flat you no longer have then option to raise or lower the surrounding area. I know right, Stupid or what?. But wait it gets better. Now unlike the previous Sims games you could make the house has big as you want, well not any more, thanks to EA you are limited to 3 floors at MAX. But that’s not the best bit. In the other Sims games, you could make a swimming pool. EA has decided that making pools is no longer fun so, yep you guessed it, the removed the pool making mod!.

I was hoping The Sims 4 would be so much better then The Sims 3 but it seems I was wrong. The only thing that has improve is the graphics and I don’t know if that because I got a PC with decent graphics installed. I give this game a personal rating of 4 out of 10. EA you have disappointed me yet agian.

Alex Elliot

Alex Elliot is a regular contributor to that writes from Nevada.