The most used hash tags on Instagram

In case you are not already aware, Facebook owns Instagram.

Apparently the second most used hashtag on Instagram is #Selfie. Can you guess what the top most used one is? it is #Me.
Most used Hashtags on Instagram.

A lot has changed since 2014, when Instagram had 200 million monthly active users. Now in 2018, Instagram has surpassed one billion monthly active users to become one of the most popular social networks.

One thing that didn’t change though is the use of hashtags. Both people and companies are using hashtags to better categorise their posts and more importantly, to get discovered by their target audience.

But what are some of the most popular hashtags? Specifically, what are the best Instagram hashtags for likes?

The popular #selfie hashtag is not even in top10 anymore, currently sitting at #14. And the #me hashtag? It’s now #13, still one position above selfie. Number one is #love.