The Best Free Instagram Scheduler in 2019

When talking about Instagram post schedulers, there is always a question of which scheduler to choose. There are plenty of platforms on the internet that can help you schedule your Instagram posts. Some of these platforms are hard to work with and some of them lack a huge part of the process such as the caption. Many of them may even cost you money, much more than what you think. In this article, we are going to share with you the best free Instagram scheduler with lots of capabilities.

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What is the best free Instagram scheduler in the market?

AiGrow is the best platform when it comes to scheduling Instagram posts. It is an easy-to-use platform and most importantly it is free. Moreover, the platform consists of many other features such as automated Engagement Pods and Growth Engine, which will be explained later in this article.

AiGrow has been in the market since 2017 and got better and better since then. We have tried AiGrow ourselves and saw the results. The platform is very user-friendly and you will need a very short intro before start using it. On the other hand, they answer all of your questions very fast and complete. Enough of the glorification and let’s show you how to schedule your posts with AiGrow.

AiGrow: Best free Instagram scheduler

Ok, let’s see how we can schedule some posts with AiGrow. We will show you the process with some steps. Follow these steps to schedule your posts with AiGrow:

a) Signup for AiGrow and connect your IG account

#1. Visit and click on the Free Trial on the top menu

#2. You will be required the following information: Your name, Your email, and a password

#3. After signup, verify your account using the email which has been sent to you.

#4. When you are signed in, you need to add your Instagram account. Enter your IG username and password.

#5. In some cases, you need to enter a 6 digit code which has been sent to your phone. If you do not have a phone number connected to your IG, then you should do it first.

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b) Preparing for scheduling posts

#6. After adding your IG, your account will be shown as a layout on the dashboard page. Click on manage account.

#7. Choose “Schedule Posts” tab

#8. Prepare your images/videos on your PC

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c) Scheduling posts

#9. Click on “Schedule Post” button

#10. Drag your images/videos to the AiGrow page and wait for it to upload completely.

You can add up to 10 images/videos in a single post which is Instagram’s limit for the number of content in multiple posts.

#11. Add your caption and hashtags

#12. Choose your time and date and schedule your post.


Easy! Wasn’t that? Ok, now that you know the main process, let’s show you some beautiful details about AiGrow as the best free Instagram scheduler.

AiGrow can help you with hashtags

When you want to search for a hashtag on AiGrow, the platform offers some other relevant hashtags. You can see the number of the use of those hashtags on Instagram. This number can be used as a factor to whether use or not use the hashtag. If the hashtag has been used too much, it is not logical to use it. On the other hand, if the hashtag hasn’t been used very much, the hashtag may not be that popular and it’s better not to use it. 

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You can publish a post into several IG accounts

Firstly, you should know that you can add multiple accounts to your AiGrow. In the time of scheduling posts, you can add other accounts to publish your posts. You just need to put a checkmark on other accounts.

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Schedule your Instagram Stories with AiGrow

This is an amazing capability of the platform which little platforms have. You can Schedule Stories too. You just need to upload your Image or video and add a URL if you want. Then, set a time and date and AiGrow will publish that Story.

You can repost using AiGrow

AiGrow has another option for reposting posts from other accounts. Click on the “Repost” button on your AiGrow. You will be asked to choose a source for reposting: Hashtags, Location, URL, and Username. You can choose any of these options, search for the post and then schedule your repost.


What are the Engagement Pods and Growth Engine?

Besides scheduling, Aigrow offers multiple choices for helping you grow your IG account. Engagement Pods and Growth Engine are two of these options. Automated Engagement Pods can help you grow your engagement rate. You just need to join in any pod you want and as soon as you post, other members of the pod will automatically like your posts.

Growth Engine is also a great option for those who want to grow organically. You have probably heard of the Like for Like strategy. You like and follow some accounts and they will like and follow you back. This will lead to a better engagement rate and better connection with other accounts. Growth Engine does all these things automatically. 

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