The best Chai tea in the Twin Cities and maybe even the whole state.

Are you wondering what the best Chai in Minneapolis twin cities area is?  You really have to try the Chai tea latte at TK’s Coffee.  It is absolutely the best Chai that I have ever tasted.  I don’t know what ingredients he puts in that Chai Tea latte but it sure beats Starbucks and all other Cafe’s I went to.  TK’s Coffee is located in Lillydale when you exit on Highway 13 and head east for a few blocks.  The only other Chai that come’s close to TK’s Chai is Moonlight Cafe’s Chai.  When I blog about tech topics, I like to have a nice cup of Chai latte.   The worst Chai in the twin cities is the Nicollet Cafe’s Chai.  Their chai will make your throat burn and is better for days when you have a cold or feel sick.

Best Chai in Minneapolis area.

  • 813 Sibley Memorial Highway
  • Lilydale, Minnesota 55118

Mon – Fri6:30 am – 5:00 pm
Sat6:30 am – 3:00 pm