Stop popup prompt asking you to install Chrome

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Are you tired of that pop-up prompt asking you to install Google Chrome when you already have it installed?

You can use the following Adblock (Plus) rule to block the “Install Google Chrome” message:

Long answer

How can I track down what content I have to block?

  • Right-click somewhere on the website an press “q” (= Inspect Element)
  • Select the HTML box
  • Hover over the code to see where the section is that contains the element you want to block.
  • In this case it’s:

div id=”pmocntr2″ style=”right: 30px; …..


  • Enter the Adblock (Plus) extension’s settings and create your own filter group if none is there yet.
  • Add the custom filter rule:

Another solution is to Set your Homepage or a bookmark to the Mozilla Firefox Start Page: