Spotify tips

Spotify tips

Link to a specific point in a track so you can have your friend listen to your favorite part

Similar to Youtube, you can link to a specific point in a track.  Right-click the track name and hit “Copy Spotify URI.”

After you have the address, add a pound sign (“#”) then add the time in minutes and seconds, separated by a colon, to the end of the URL. Example, a point one minute and 30 seconds into a song should look like this: “#1:30“. Leave out the quote marks and make sure you don’t include any spaces.

When your friends click the link, the song will start playing at that specific point in the song just like Youtube vids do when you share a specific time in a video.


Import your songs from iTunes when Spotify doesn’t have some of your favorite tracks

You can easily import MP3 files and iTunes playlists to Spotify.

Hit File > Import Playlists > iTunes.


Collaborate with friends on Playlists

By switching a playlist to “Collaborative” mode, you have the option to share it with friends so they can add songs too.  

You can do this by right-clicking on a playlist and check “Collaborative Playlist.”


Make your life easier by organizing playlists in folders.

A little organization can go a long way.

To create a new playlist folder, click File > New Playlist Folder. Or, you can use the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Shift + N.



See what you listen to the most


Unlike iTunes, Spotify doesn’t have a handy toolbar sort of feature to see the tracks you’ve played the most. There’s still an easy way to figure out which songs you play out to the most.

In the left sidebar under Apps, you can click Top Lists to see a listing of the most popular songs and albums. Then you can click the drop down menu to the right of tracks to see your top tracks, albums, or artists.


And finally here is a nice tool called Playlistify built by ANERDGUYNOW

He now made his script a windows application to make creating and managing Spotify playlists dead simple: Playlistify.

Drag/drop the output back to your Spotify playlist!


Download at (47Kb)

Source Code