Spotify lets users compare music tastes to celebrities

Spotify has added a new feature that lets users see how much their music tastes match or differ from celebrities. The functionality is also available to users without paid subscription.

The new functionality is called Listen Alike and can be used on a dedicated web page spotify has set up. After logging in, users can choose a celebrity with whom they want to compare their music taste, after which Spotify hands out a score. The feature doesn’t seem to be in the app yet, but works across the web on both desktop and mobile.

For the time being, it is only possible to compare the taste of music with selected celebrities. Whether there will be the possibility to compare with friends in the long term is not clear, but it is plausible that the functionality will be expanded in the long term.

Last week, Spotify also released the opportunity to add polls to podcasts. Podcast creators can put those polls in the app, and both hosts and listeners can see the answers in real time.