Splatoon – The Wii U Game I’m Excited For

So yesterday, while watching Nintendo’s E3 online event, they showed off Splatoon, an 8-player online Third Person Shooter. It’s going to be FANTASTIC.


So you’re a squad of anthropomorphic females, who can transform into squids. You use your ink guns to give you area to traverse in squid form.



As squids, you move faster, can play a stealth style, or generally be…. squid-like. What’s awesome about being a squid is the fact that you are able to ‘swim’ through grates and get to areas you wouldn’t as a human. And maybe, just maybe your opponents don’t know about that area and you’ll be able to ink it all up yourself…… And sometimes they do, and it becomes a close quarters gun… ink fight.

As a human, you shoot ink as pathways for your squid companions, and to cover the area in ink. What’s great about being a human is that when you spawn you can look at your game pad, and by tapping a team mate on the mini-map, you get to super jump to them! It’s a fast way to traverse the map and ink up some opponents!

The object of the game is to ink the most area on the map. There are plenty of in-map destructibles to help. Between paint balloons, hidden hallways, and probably much more (this was just a one map demo,) there’s plenty of ways to secure a win for your team. But it comes down to percentages. As I was watching, one team one by .1%. That’s intense….


It looks to be absolutely fantastic, and I’m super stoked to get it.