Sony lets PlayStation 5 users record and send voice chat for moderation

PlayStation 5 users can record calls in the Party feature and send them to Sony to moderate them. By participating in voice chats, users agree that those conversations can be recorded.

PlayStation users will be notified when they enter a Party whose voice calls can be recorded. The notification states that “calls may be recorded for review.” According to Sony only PlayStation 5 users can make recordings to send for review.

If PlayStation 4 users are in a Party with PlayStation 5 owners, ps4 owners will also see that notification. They can’t make and send recordings, but their contributions to the voice chat can be recorded.

This week, PlayStation 4 users were already seeing the pop-up notification about call recordings, after the installation of system software 8.00. Several users reported it on Twitter, writes The Verge. Sony then clarified that the feature is not yet active and that only PlayStation 5 owners can make the recordings.

The idea is for users to send the calls if they think someone is violating community guidelines. Sony will then review the recordings and can then take action. According to Sony, the recordings are only used for “safety measures” by the PlayStation Safety team.