Smartwatch that watches out for your kids

Imagine a smart-watch that is actually very useful and can track your kids whereabouts.  In a time of Amber alerts, this kind of smart watch is a must have.  AT&T is teaming up with  FiLIP to launch a smartwatch designed to appeal to kids — and their parents. The colorful, durable FiLIP watch connects to a parent or caretaker’s smartphone and tracks the child’s location using WiFi triangulation, cellular towers and GPS information. It offers two-way calling to five set contacts, as well as the ability to receive one-way text messages. Parents can also set up Safe Zones via the smartwatch. If a child leaves a known area, the FiLIP responds with an intelligent emergency procedure that records ambient sound, calls the primary contact on the watch, and finds the child’s location.

Keeping an Eye in the Sky on Kids FiLIP’s smartwatch has several practical elements that will appeal to parents who want to be in touch with their kids but aren’t yet ready to equip them with a smartphone, said Ross Rubin, principal analyst at  Reticle Research. 

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