Skip Introduction Videos in DmC: Devil May Cry (2013) for PC

The introduction movies for Dmc: Devil May Cry (2013) are particularly annoying to see each and every time you launch the game. Save time and get into the game’s menu quick smart by completing this article.

dmc 5 skip intro video

  1. Navigate to your Devil May Cry installation folder
  2. Open the folder “DevilGame”, then “Movies”
  3. Create a folder here called “backup intro”

  4. Select the files “Capcom.bik”, “Ninjatheory.bik” and “UE3_logo.bik” and move them into the newly created folder “backup intro”

  5. Run Devil May Cry and enjoy no introduction videos

  • To revert this change simply move the files “Capcom.bik”, “Ninjatheory.bik” and “UE3_logo.bik” back out of the “backup intro” folder to the original folder