Signal gets support for encrypted video calls with five people

Chat platform Signal has begun rolling out encrypted video calls to up to five people. In the future, video conversations with more participants will be supported. The feature is available on the Signal apps for iOS and Android.

With effect of the most recent update, a video icon will appear in new group conversations, reports the developer. Users can start a video group call by pressing it. The members of a Signal group are then notified that a video chat has been started. Participants are shown on the screen in a grid view by default, but users can also choose to focus the view on the person speaking.

Currently, the video calling feature is not yet available for so-called legacy group conversations, but the developer reports that such conversations will be automatically converted to “new groups” ‘in the coming weeks’. Currently, the video group calls are limited to a maximum of five participants. However, the developer announces that this number will increase in the future.

The new feature is available in the app’s latest update, which is currently being rolled out to Android and iOS users. The Signal mobile apps have been supporting end-to-end encryption video calls since 2017, but until recently this was only available for one-to-one calls.