Should you get Centurylink or Comcast xfinity internet?

centurylink vs comcast

If you are a web developer like I am, you should steer far clear of CenturyLink as they cache websites and you won’t see what has changed.  I have been frustrated with Incapsula clinging on to my  site after I left Incapsula service when in reality it wasn’t Incapsula that was showing me a website that doesn’t load, it was CenturyLink internet all along.  My home internet has been showing me a page that doesn’t load when in reality my site is up and running after I installed WordPress on

xfinity internet

CenturyLink is the more affordable option compared to Comcast but Comcast has better reliability, speed and doesn’t cache sites like CenturyLink does.  I have tried flushdns and everything I could but CenturyLink just won’t delete cache and let me see how the “Real Web” looks like.   I am now on CenturyLink but will leave them soon because I have to now use my cell phone data tethering just to be able to work on my websites.  It seems like CenturyLink does this purposely to save bandwidth or something.