Save android Utorrent files to SD Card

You might be wondering how you can save Utorrent downloads to SD Card on Android devices like Galaxy or HTC phones which most people use for torrent downloads.  When you add a torrent, you will notice that you can’t choose a save folder when you try and change save directory.  Patience is the answer.  You gotta wait until Utorrent does it’s torrent checking thing, and that can take many minutes.  Eventually you will be able to browse to the SD Card so you can save your files there.  To go up one directory just tap the up arrow until you find the SD 1 or ExtSD folder.

Your phone or tablets internal storage might not be enough for torrents that can be Gigs in size so saving to external SD Card is very important.  You don’t want to run out of space on your internal storage as that is used by the system and can affect your device.

Utorrent android save to SD Card