Samsung Galaxy S4 Calls going To Voicemail

Are you sick and tired of your calls being forward to voice mail on the S4?  Here are possible causes and fixes for that.

galaxy s4 fix calls to voicemail connection issues

Possible Causes

  • Your number was recently ported.
  • Your account is inactive or is not properly setup.
  • There could be outages affecting your area..
  • A third-party app could be causing the issue.
  • Call restrictions/blocking is enabled.
  • Airplane mode is active.
  • Your phone is not up to date, perhaps updating firmware to latest version will help.

Fixing The Issue

  1. Verify your account is in good standing; do a test call to another persons number to verify your service is still active.
  2. Verify that you have good signal strength(a minimum of two or three bars of signal).
  3. Verify that the device has no physical or water damage.
  4. If your device uses a SIM, ensure that your devices SIM Card is not damaged or the scratched up etc.
  5. If you recently ported your phone number from one service provider to another, there maybe a delay that could be causing this issue.  Please contact your mobile service provider for additional questions or troubleshooting.
  6. With the device still on, remove the battery and SIM card for 30 seconds. After the time has elapsed, place the battery and SIM back, then power on the device.   Wait a few seconds for the device to connect to the network.