Saints Row IV – Escape Zin Ship Bugfix

Were you just starting to get into Saints Row IV and then realised you had a huge, frustrating problem. Most people with Saints Row IV on Steam (PC) already know about this issue, but we have two possible quick fixes for you, so you can continue with Kinzie being a saint and enjoying your game!


1. Try Turning Your Resolution Down

Now, this seems like an odd bugfix, but after a bit of research on the Steam community forums, I found that this solution was helpful to many. Go to the main menu, go to setting and try turning your resolution down and applying it. This should boost up the framerate and for some reason, oddly  allows the ship to pass through the gates. Once you have gone past the gates with your ship, you may turn the resolution back up again to how you would like it.

2. Fastforward It

An easier solution would be to go into your story menu, by default, the tab button will bring this up, although this depends on your controls scheme and if you have changed it or not. Once you are there you will see a variety of options, Phone, Quests, Powers etc. Go to Extras and click Cheat Codes. Enter the cheat code “fastforward” and return to the game. This should speed things up and you’ll escape the Zin ship in no time. The only downside to this easy solution is that once you have used a cheat code, you will no longer unlock achievements. So if you’re an achievement collector, I’d recommend going for the first option.

Really hope this helped you guys! Have fun playing!

Alex The Wonder Spud

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