Running OSX Mavericks install on Asus x300

Asus s300ca running OSX Mavericks
The way I got this to boot up fine on the Intel HD 4000 (a graphics card that tons of people are having a hard time passing the black screen after Apple logo) is that I used Niresh OSX Mavericks DMG with Transmac to restore. The beauty of the DMG versus the Raw image file is that the DMG can be modified if you wish.

I won’t link to the pirate bay link on here but that is where I downloaded the Niresh Mavericks. It is 5.26gb and it should be the only one on TPB. I haven’t seen any others by Niresh on there. If you search on TPB Mavericks PC or Mavericks bootable you will see it in results.
Niresh HD 4000 support OSX Mavericks

Lucky for me I got it to boot just fine into the installer without any arguments or anything. I am now gonna make a new partition for the OSX install and keep my windows 8.1 install in another partition just in case anything goes wrong. I think Niresh must have added support for HD 4000 graphics for this to work and boot fine. Some people with HD 4000 Graphics had to use an external monitor for the Installer to display but lucky for everyone Niresh helped us greatly by including HD 4000 support.