Renew your New Jersey Real Estate License

Whether you just started selling real estate in New Jersey or if you are a seasoned veteran, 2013 will be the first year anyone in New Jersey has to take continuing education to renew their license. Renewing a license can be a little confusing, what courses are you required to take? How many hours do you need in continuing education courses? When is all of this due? After reading this article, you will be have everything you need to know to renew your New Jersey Real Estate License and continue to do what you wanted to do with your license in the first place…sell homes

  1. Be sure you have some Continuing Education Hours. Applicant will complete 12 continuing education hours with an approved provider.
    • Core Topics: 6 of the 12 hours must be in Core topic (Ethics, Agency, Disclosure, Legal Issues, Ethics, Fair Housing and Rules and Regulations)
      • Ethics: At least 2 of the 6 Core hours must be in Ethics
    • Electives: 6 of the 12 hours can be in an elective topic.
    • Due Date. All continuing education is due by 4/30/2013.
  2. Submit your affidavit. The New Jersey Real Estate Commission requires an affidavit be submitted to the education provider upon completion of all courses (except non-credit courses). Whether live class or online, your course provider should provide you with an easy way to provide this.

  3. Be sure that your credits are recorded. Anyone whose credits are not recorded by April 30, 2013 will be blocked from the online license renewal. They will still have to complete CE and will have to renew through the mail-in process. The CE will count toward the current cycle.

  4. Report Your Hours. Course provider will report the course completions to PSI, the vendor maintaining the database of credits obtained by licensees.

  5. Apply For Renewal. Once you have completed your hours, you can renew their license online at