remove scorecard research and voicefive from WordPress

Are you sick of that annoying Scorecardresearch and voicefive dot com website scripts which show up on your speed test results like ?
malware scorecardresearch

There are two culprits that are causing to load scripts on websites. They are disqus and also social share plugins/scripts. Disqus even says so on the following page

The photo above actually shows Google Analytics as being which it clearly is not.  I am using Google Analytics at and it is far from what junk is and ever will be.  Google should probably send a letter to Disquss to tell them to remove Title Google Analytics away from being associated with

These annoying scripts violate Webmaster’s privacy policies because visitors may not know that other scripts like Score Card Research and Voice Five are tracking them. The culprit that is causing these scripts to load on your WordPress pages is often the social share scripts themselves. Social share icons often include their own .js scripts depending on if you use a plugin or not. I was not able to nail down the exact social share icon script that was causing these 2 scripts to load, but I can almost be certain it is either Stumbleupon or Linkedin. I highly doubt the major ones like Facebook or Twitter would do such a thing that would violate people’s privacy policies. It may be that and are paying one or more of these smaller social sharing sites to include their scripts, and WordPress users are often the victims of slow page loads or never ending page loading thanks to these annoying scripts. Once I removed the social share plugin from WordPress, the problem was gone.