Remove Bearshare completely

Bear share is completely annoying

how to remove bearshare completely

Bearshare is a peer-to-peer file sharing program that allows you to locate & download music, videos, pictures and other files from the Internet easily. Hence, it is not a dangerous but a helpful program to the computer, but some computer users will find that during downloading and exchanging files, they are very easy to get a virus-infected file, which damages the computer severely. This is why some prefer to uninstall Bearshare and all of its system folders, supporting files from the computer completely.

To uninstall Bearshare from the computer, you usually have two options:
1. You uninstall it manually by yourself.
2. You uninstall it automatically with a professional program uninstall tool.

But no matter which solution you select to use, I highly advise you to be careful enough. If you have delete a wrong file or process, then more serious problem will come on the neck of another. This will cost you even more time and more money probably to deal with the uninstall problems. Anyhow, below are instructions for what you should do to remove Bearshare from the computer.

1. Manual removal of Bearshare
Software is quite difficult to be removed if you do not have enough computer knowledge. However, sometimes it is very easily to be uninstalled as easily as just clicking on the uninstall button. Directly perform the following steps, and the Bearshare will most of the time be terminated completely.

*Press Crtl + Alt + Del at the same time to bring up the Windows task manager. Click on the Applications tab to highlight Bearshare and the click on “End Task”. If you can’t find it in the list, directly go to nest step.
* Click on Start, and then Control Panel, double click on Add/remove programs tab.
* Find Bearshare and click “Remove” within the currently installed programs list.
* Then, you should check & remove all the associated entries of the Bearshare, especially remove the following registry entries:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\active setup\installed components\{5f95e1af-2620-4f15-bdf9-7fdce4607e17}
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\active setup\installed components\{5f95e1af-2620-4f15-bdf9-7fdce4607e17}\componentid

Do you find the registry removal task complicated? In my opinion, even though you are a computer expert, you will still find it a little difficult and dangerous as a minor mistake during the registry edition will causes more disaster problems to the computer, needless to say that you are an inexperienced computer user. In order to safely & completely remove Bearshare from the computer, you’d better take the following automatic solution.

2. Automatic Bearshare removal
With the development of the computer technology, it is very easy to get an uninstall software free from the web. Importantly, uninstaller software will not only put your mind at ease by completely uninstalling any software but can increase computer speed to the top. There is a program called Perfect Uninstaller that can do this uninstall job and downloaded online easily. This software highly recommended by lots of computer experts and PC users to deal with uninstall problems as it helps to:

* Uninstall programs much faster than the windows removal tool.
* Removal all associated files of the uninstalled program completely.
* Clean corrupted registry entries empty registry keys thoroughly.
* Forcefully uninstall corrupt software from the PC.
* Greatly increase computer performance.

Besides, the Perfect Uninstaller has the ability to do all these jobs within just a few minutes. Importantly, it can handle for almost all PC users even though people who don’t know much about computers because of its user-friendly interface

Trying to remove Bearshare from the computer but worrying that it will affect other computer functions? By downloading and installing this program uninstall utility, and then you will be able to get rid of all problematic software quickly!