Protecting yourself from Monsoons in Arizona

As the vast majority of you are aware, Arizona has entered its summer monsoon season. While this time of year is part of what makes our area unique, we must all be prepared to face the intense rainstorms, high winds, flash floods, dust storms and dangerous lightning strikes that accompany the summer months.

Your home, your car and you are all put at risk by the dangerous weather produced during this season. For information on how to protect yourself, I encourage you to visit That website will provide you with all the information you need.

While more detailed information is on that website, here are some tips for you to remember if you are caught in a catastrophic monsoon situation.

  • If you are outside when a storm hits, get out of any dry washes and into your home or car.
  • If you are in water, get out immediately.
  • If you are unable to seek shelter, get to a low area and curl into a ball until the most severe part of the storm passes.
  • If power lines have fallen, get away from them and do not assist others if they are caught; call 9-1-1 immediately.
  • If you are driving, do not cross any moving water and pull over if necessary.
  • If you become stuck and water levels are rising, climb onto the roof of your car and call for help. Wade to safety if possible, but watch out for debris.
  • If you are home, avoid using telephones with cords, sinks or showers until the storm passes. Lightning can travel through pipes and wires.
  • If power is out for an extended period of time and you need assistance but cannot call, go to your local fire station for help.

Again, for more detailed information on how to protect and prepare yourself, go to We all should make every effort to be safe during the monsoon season and the city of Phoenix is working to provide you with all the necessary tools to do so. Have a safe and enjoyable summer!