Prevent or fix screen burn in Galaxy S4 S5 LG or HTC

OLED phones like Samsung S3, S4, or S5 are more susceptible to screen burn-ins or ghosting than LCD phones, but LCD screens are still also capable of getting burn-in.  I don’t know if IPS display phones are vulnerable to burn-ins caused by when people leave static images for long hours.  Regardless there is still a fix you can do to fix it.  I had burn-in on my Galaxy S4 and it was clearly visible.  What I did was use an app from the Google Playstore called “Screen Test and Fix”.


Screen Test and Fix

Screen burn in test and fix

The big difference that this app has over other similar apps which also fix burn-in, is that this one actually gets rid of the burn-in by very rapidly flashing the different colors to get the stuck pixels excited and change colors.  It really works.