PornHub adds Monero as payment method

PornHub has added the Monero privacy coin as a payment method for its Premium service. The addition appears to have been introduced after Visa and Mastercard banned the website last week.

PornHub quietly added the payment method, as The Block. The privacy coin is now available as a payment method in several countries, including the Netherlands and Belgiumë. In the US, the company currently only accepts cryptocurrency as a payment method, Decrypt. Sepa depreciation is also supported in European countries. PornHub has already provided support for several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and other privacy coins, such as Verge.

The addition of Monero comes after Mastercard and Visa decided to stop processing payments to PornHub’s parent company. That’s what the credit card companies did after new York Times investigation revealed that there would be a lot of illegal images on the website. Payment service PayPal previously stopped processing PornHub payments.

PornHub denies the allegations. The company maintains that such allegations are ‘irresponsible and untrue’. In the meantime, the company has tightened its security measures; this week, all videos from unverified accounts were removed from the platform.