PlayStation VR2 comes out with more than twenty games

On the release of PlayStation VR2, there will be more than twenty new games available.

Sony has reported this in a business briefing. It is a mix between games from Sony itself and other publishers. “A significant amount of money is currently being put into collaborations with independent and third-party developers to arrange enough interesting VR content for the release of PlayStation VR2,” said SIE boss Jim Ryan.

It is not known which games will be released for PlayStation VR2. Earlier, the game Horizon Call of the Mountain was announced, a spin-off of the Horizon series from Guerrilla Games.

In recent years, Sony has revealed details surrounding the PlayStation VR2 at various times. For example, the OLED screen of the glasses is 4000 by 2040 pixels (2000 by 2040 per eye) and the field of view is 110 degrees. Furthermore, PlayStation VR2 has inside-out tracking, so that a separate camera is not necessary. Thanks to four cameras in the device itself, there are no need for colored LEDs on the device so that it can be tracked where the player is. These cameras also follow the controllers. Finally, the helmet with cameras tracks the eyes of players, allowing players to use their eyes to control the camera.

It is not yet known when the headset will come out.