PlayStation 5 shows download bug that can only be fixed with factory reset

The PlayStation 5 has a bug that makes downloading games impossible and can only be fixed with a factory reset, according to user reports. Sony has not yet officially commented on the situation, but is aware.

The euvel can occur in two forms: a game can be stuck on ‘queued for downloading’ or on ‘download error’, sed on the product page. In both cases, the console points the user to the downloads menu, where there is no trace of the game in question. There is no possibility to restart the download anyway, writes among others IGN.

The only solution for now is a complete factory reset of the console, but that means that users will be allowed to go through the game console’s initiĆ«le set-up again, and it doesn’t guarantee that the problem won’t happen again.

Sony’s @AskPlayStation account already has support requests for the problem in consideration, so the company is aware of the issue. There is currently no official comment or timeline for when a patch will come out.