PlayStation 5 costs 500 euros and version without disc slot costs 400 euros

Sony has announced the price and release dates of the PlayStation 5. The blu-ray player version costs 500 euros and Digital Edition without disc drawer costs 400 euros. In the Netherlands and Belgium the consoles will be on sale from 19 November.

In the US, Japan and a number of other countries, playstation 5 will be released on November 12, two days after the Xbox Series X and S are released. Europe must wait until 19 November. Sony gives the PlayStation 5 the same price as the Xbox Series X. The version without disc tray is 100 euros cheaper. As far as other hardware is concerned, the Digital Edition is identical.

Microsoft previously announced the xbox series X and S prices and release dates. These consoles cost 500 and 300 euros and will be on sale worldwide from 10 November. The Xbox Series S is a much less powerful variant, which also has no disc drawer. “Selected” sellers will place pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 starting Thursday, writes Sony. The new Xbox consoles can be pre-ordered from September 22.

During its PlayStation Showcase, Sony also announced the PlayStation Plus Collection. That’s a new part of the PlayStation 5 owners’ plan. The collection consists of numerous PlayStation 4 games that have already been released. PS Plus members who purchase a PlayStation 5 can download and play those games.