Photoshoping swapping persons faces

When you want to swap heads on to people to make it look realistic and to make the finished photo believable, you gotta use various Photoshop tools.  Personally I am not tough with Photoshop and use what I can.  There are probably other techniques and tools I don’t know about in Photoshop, but what I know so far is enough for me to swap heads.  Below are heads I swapped of my friend Mahad onto a Businessman’s body with suit on.  Another one head swapped one shown below is the former Somalia president Shiekh Sharif.  Tools like Vibrance slider come in handy when you want to hide imperfections on the final photo.


photoshop faces onto new body face swap

When you want to swap faces you got to ensure that the two people are looking in the same direction.  It is helpful if their faces are already close to being aligned or aligned similarly to save yourself time.   If I am putting a face on a different body, I’d like to find a body photo with minimum skin showing as most peoples skin color is hard to edit to match face skin.  In the case below, the photo is of a businessman with only his hands showing skin and all I had to do was select his hands with the magic wand tool and use the color balance to match the yellowish looking face of my friend Mahad’s face.  The neck can also get a little hard.  I usually don’t just cut out the face but the whole neck because swapping face only will make it look less real unless you are very tough with Photoshop.  Using the Dodge tool and burn tool can also come in handy.  You will also most likely have to flip faces horizontally to make them face a different direction for better matching.


photoshop face swap tutorial techniques

When I swapped my friends Face onto a businessman’s body.  He could not believe how real it looked and other friends of his thought he actually took that photo.  If you look at the edges of the head, you will see it is not really perfect but people don’t pay close attention to small details.  Photoshop experts or people that examine this photo closely will know that it has been Photoshop but the average persons eyes move fast so they won’t pick out the details unless it is very obvious.

The Somalia president

Below is a pic I found of Shiekh Sharif that had heads swapped.  I looked for an image the person used and I think I found the below before image which closely matches an image that the original Photshopper may have used.


photoshop tutorials face swap tools used


photoshop face swapping tutorial