Pewdiepie On The Brink Of 30 Million

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The number one most subscribed person on YouTube, (excluding YouTube’s own promotional channels and also excluding Vevo channels) Felix Alf Kjiellberg, known as Pewdiepie to his fans or “bros” is on the very edge of hitting 30 million subscribers. He’s already earning $4 million a year and fans are eager for a 30 million subcriber special. Pewdiepie, “Pewds” or “Poods” accompanies videos with his two dogs Maya and Edgar and event sometimes his girlfriend Marzia, or “CutiePie”, who’s channel is also doing well.


A constant worry for other YouTubers that want to be succesful on the site is that Pewdiepie is actually not competing at all with any other YouTubers. He already has 9 million more subscribers that the YouTuber below him on the leaderboard, HolaSoyGerman. Do not get me wrong, the famous YouTuber is not a bad person. He does many charity events to help out others including his most recent event, Force For Change, a Star Wars themed charity to help children in need. He also helps out other YouTubers, doing collaborations and meeting new people.

Pewdiepie has been the number one YouTuber for a while now. Let’s hope it stays that way. Do you remember Fred? Yes, you know, the one with the extremely high pitched voice. He’s already abandoned his channel and left it to die whilst he’s gone away to star in three movies and his own television show on Nickelodeon. Disney have already bought Maker Studios, who are partly responsible for Pewdiepie’s success, along with many other YouTubers. Pewdiepie even launched his own app, which updates with his videos whenever he releases them. So like YouTube, but primarily for his own videos.

To sum it up, Felix Alf Kjiellberg is a great person with a fantastic personality, gives to charity, helps other YouTubers out and let’s hope it stays that way.

Alex The Wonder Spud

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